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We have several different Delivery Options you can Choose!

Please Note: The USDA passed some new laws on September 18, 2013 and the new regulations will go into effect on
November 18, 2013. A breeder can not sell a puppy "sight unseen" This means that the buyer must actually see the puppy in person prior to the purchase. A breeder does not have to be license with the USDA and is exempt if you sell the dog in a face-to-face transaction. This means our customers can come to our house or we can arrange a location to meet and allow you to see the puppy in person before you purchase the puppy.

Breeders can not sell puppies un-seen
that is a nation wide new law

Option #1

No Charge the weekend they are ready.

We do accommodate our customers by meeting them atNo Charge at the following locations.We can meet you in Macon, Waycross and Lake Park, Georgia. 
Their is no charge for meeting you the Saturday when the puppies are ready to go. 

If you live in Atlanta,  Alabama, Savannah,Tennessee, North Carolina or South Carolina we will be glad to meet you in Macon, Georgia FREE OF CHARGE.
If you live in Jacksonville, Florida we will be Glad to meet you in Waycross, Georgia FREE OF CHARGE.
If you live in Lake City we will meet you in Lake Park, Georgia FREE OF CHARGE

Option #2

Pick Up At Our Home:

You are welcome to come to the house to pick up your puppy if you make arrangements with me so we can plan on someone being at home for you to pick up your puppy. On the day the puppies are ready to go we are on the road meeting families that just live to far to come to the house so you must make arrangements with me before you come.


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