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Maltipoo Colors

Maltipoos come in a variety of colors:  Red, Apricot, Black, Black and White, Cafe au Lait, Brown, Blue, Bronze, Cream, Gray, Silver, Silver Beige, Phantom, Champagne and traditional White . You can find many variations of shades and mixes of colors. Maltipoos have the potential for a wide range of colors depending on the parents and their backgrounds. We have provide a list of colors and description.

White Maltipoo: This is one of the Traditional colors for the Maltipoo. Since a purebred Maltese is already a pure snow white, when bred with a pure white Poodle (with no color in the genes for at least 5 generations back), the puppies will be Traditional white.

Red Maltipoo: This is a very rare color, since most Maltipoos when bred 50/50 will be of a light shade. This color is even rare for the Poodle breed and only became an official AKC color for the breed.  

Apricot Maltipoo: Some apricot Maltipoos are so light that they appear to be cream, however you will notice a red tint to the hair. A solid apricot will often have some points (another color on the eyebrows, paws, tail, and chest) Is similar to cream but the highlights will have definite reddish cast. 

Black Maltipoo: A true black Maltipoo is extremely rare. a solid black. the dog's coat will have no other color. A true black will not have a color change.

Black and White Maltipoo : Black with white markings on face, chest, tummy or paws.  

Cafe Au lait Maltipoo: This is a light brown color.  Because the Maltipoo is not recognized by the AKC, there is no standard of colors.  For this reason, a Cafe Au lait Maltipoo is also referred to as a tan, brown, golden or bronze Color dog.  

Brown Maltipoo: A brown is a deep, dark color. much deeper than tan, golden or bronze.  It is like a Hershey's chocolate bar.

Blue Maltipoo:This is an extremely rare color. It is a diluted  black and is often mistaken for black by many people. This is because, of course, blue does not mean blue as we know the color.  One often cannot notice this unless the dog is outside in direct sunlight. it is at that time that you would see a hint of blue that shimmers off of the tips of the black coat. In just about every case, a blue Maltipoo will be born black and at the age of approximately 1 to 2 years, the coat will lighten.  

Bronze Maltipoo: Many colors are given to dogs that are not AKC registered, since there are no "official" colors in what would be the AKC standard. Bronze is one of them.This is a color in the brown spectrum that some people use to describe a shiny, lighter brown.commonly "tan" would be the more simple term to use.

Cream Maltipoo: 
These dogs will be an off-white color. Some people with very light cream dogs will call their dog "white", however when put side by side with a white dog, there is a clear and distinctive difference.

Gray Maltipoo:While a Maltipoo can be born gray and stay gray for life, it is also not uncommon for a black Maltipoo to turn gray at the age of 4-5 years old.  

Silver Maltipoo: Many times, with a silver, the puppy will be born dark and then lighten as they get older into a shiny silver. One may wonder what the difference is between a grey dog and a silver one. Silver is a diluted grey. When standing a grey and silver side by side, one would see how the silver is lighter and has more shine to the coat.   

Silver Beige Maltipoo: A very rare color which is a diluted brown.  In many cases the puppy will be born brown and a color change will take place at approximately 6-7 weeks. The coat will begin to lighten around the face and paws.  By the age of 2 years there will be a full coat changeover to this shiny unique coat.

Phantom Maltipoo : Is a dog that has 2 or more colors. Phantom markings are light colors that appear against a darker color like Black, Red or Brown. Like above the eyes the dog's eyebrows, muzzle, throat, legs, feet and below the dog's tail.



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