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Maltipoo Sizes

Maltipoos vary in color and size. Both size and color are determined genetically from both of its parents and their recent heritage. Maltipoos will show strong character of both parents, but they definitely show both parents in a unique way that gives a maltipoo  a special look.

We breed Tiny Toy and Toy Maltipoos in two sizes: 
Tiny Toy Maltipoos  (6 lbs grown)
Toy Maltipoos  (8-12 lbs grown).

The normal size of our adult maltipoos is 9-12 inches and 6 to 12 lbs grown.
These are the sizes and weighs of our maltipoos when they are fully grown.

A Tiny Toy Maltipoo is about 9-10"tall and they usually weigh about 6 lbs.

A Toy Maltipoo is about 11" to 12" tall and they usually weigh about 8-12 lbs.

You can have a choice from a variety of rare colors:  Black, Apricot, Red, Buff, Phantom and Parti-color maltipoos and of course White.


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